Measuring Machine for Small Internal Diameter IDM(PAT.)


IDM is traceable to the standard of length
Measuring Machine for Small Internal Diameter IDM(Optical) 
IDM is not instrument which measure surface by microscope.
IDM is an instrument which measures the distance between one wall to the other wall of a workpiece
by the optical principles.
IDM can measure the diameter of thru-holes fromφ0.1mm to φ100mm without master gage, and easily in the following procedure.
The prominent feature is that measurement is took between bore walls at any height desired.
IDM optically detects a wall on one side of the work at the first, and the display counter is set to zero in this position.
Next, the opposite wall is optically detected. this distance is not other than moving quantity of the work which is read on the digital scale.
IDM can be applied to many other measurements such as slit widths, outside diameters, wall perpendicularity and bore pitches, not only bore.
There is no mechanical measuring force to the work during measurement, so that IDM can be used for soft material and thin wall works.

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