Semi-automatic specimen polisher Rana-3



  • Possible to select and set 1 to 6 of specimens.
  • The polishing face of specimens doesn’t become tilted or cause a pencil-like shape.
  • The rotation speed of holder can be changed.
  • The rotation direction of holder and disc is reversible.
  • It can memorize 16 lapping methods.
  • [made in Japan]


Disc size Grinding:dia.250mm Polishing:dia.250mm Magnetic Disc:dia.250mm *Disc is option
Number of specimens Selectable from 1 to 6
Rotation speed Disc:50 to 400rpm / Holder:65 to 200rpm
Pressure 10 to 50N    (Individual load)
Power supply 1 phase 100V or 1 phase200-220V
Size / Weight W450×D705×H500mm / 65kg