Mounting press GI-10



  • GI-10, User-friendly mounting press
  • Built-in a cooling pipe. -Mounting of acrylic resin is possible.
  • Auto-stop timer of heater is installed.
  • Adjustable heating temperature.
  • Handy hydraulic jack which gives pressure is quite few troubles.
  • As a top closure is united with arm gate, it does not need to be put on the desk.
  • [made in Japan]


Heater Max.1500W (with thermo-fuse)
Cylinder Specimen size: dia.25mm、30mm、40mm or inch size
Pressure force 0~40MPa
Heating temperature 0 – 200℃
・Heater switches off when timer becomes
Timer Digital Panel
・Start by green button → when reaching setting
temp. ,timer starts to count down
→ Informing by buzzer
Cooling Built-in cooling pipe *by turning on/off a water tap
Power supply 1 phase 100V or 1phase 220V
Size / Weight W360×D480×H658mm / 55kg